Biomedical research is increasingly dependent upon sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. Our Computational Resources are designed to provide investigators with a broad set of tools in the areas of research data management, biostatistics, mathematical and computational modeling, and molecular bioinformatics, with IT infrastructure provided by our Research Information Technology group.

Our Computational Resources are committed to The Research Institute’s mission to “enhance the health of children by engaging in high quality, cutting-edge research according to the highest scientific and ethical standards.”

Research Information Technology

RIT is responsible for the general technology needs of The Research Institute. These services include Service Desk and Desktop Engineering, Network and Infrastructure Services, Enterprise Systems, and Technology Procurement. Primary support is provided via the Research Service Desk. >>> Read More

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Phone: (614) 355-5600

Research Data and Computing

RDC provides IT support on data processing from access/acquisition, curation, management, analysis, to sharing of clinical and non-clinical data. RDC can also help address bioinformatics and computing needs. Functional areas RDC supports include: Research data management, Research project website creation, Scientific software support, Data processing automation, Software development and more. >>> Read More

Contact Research Data and Computing
Phone: (614) 355-5600

Biostatistics Shared Resource

The BSR provides assistance to researchers in study design, data analysis, and interpretation of statistical results, preparation of manuscripts and statistical parts of grants. The core also provides consulting services for external sources. >>> Read More

Contact Biostatistics Shared Resource
Email: or
Phone: (614) 355-6676 or (614) 355-5891

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